Meet Teddy & Me

Hello, I'm Kirsty, Teddy's mummy and owner of Teddy & Me.

I'm 27, wife to Paul, part-time Nurse, full-time cleaner, cook, nappy changer and seamstress.

I always loved the idea of making my children's clothes and therefore when Teddy was born in January 2018 I decided to take up a sewing class during my free evenings. After a while i was getting pretty nifty with a over locker and started gifting my creations to family and friends until I took the plunge to set up a little Instagram page - the page that I now call my business. 

In the short time we've been active we've started buying and printing our own exclusive designs, made a huge family of Instagram businesses and found ourselves an amazing rep team of gorgeous little ones.

I can't thank every single person enough that has supported us, purchased our items and followed our journey. I hope it long continues.


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